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Your kids are tired of your
smartphone questions!

Find out how over 450 people have never had to ask their kids how to use their android phone ever again! Do your family a huge favor (seriously) and see how easy it can be to learn how to use your smartphone even if you’ve never owned one before!

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Some of My Lessons

Downloading Apps

Hundreds of thousands of free and paid apps are available to you. Do you know the best ones?

Texting Basics

Learn the different keyboard formats, texting slang, and even how to use emojis!

Changing Ringtones

You can have a different ringtone for each person or even one for family and one for work!

Voice Recognition

Who needs to type when you can tell your phone what to do and it will do it!

Adding Music

Get music from your computer onto your phone with ease!

Camera/Video Recording

Your phone can take professional quality photos. Can you?

Using GPS

No need for a Garmin when you have an android phone! Turn by turn navigation at your fingertips!

Security Lock

It’s absolutely imperative that you know how to keep your phone secure!

And So Much More!

There’s over 50 more lessons besides the one’s I just mentioned!

All of your smartphone questions answered Today!

I’m Kyle, and I’ll be your android instructor :)

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Why I started this site:

My parents were always asking me questions about their android smartphone as they knew I would be able to help them. I got tired of them asking me every week or every few weeks, so I decided to start making video lessons for them. Soon enough, their friends and their friend’s friends wanted my video lessons. Everyone was learning android and loving it (which saved me time as well). My hope for this site is that it would bless you as well.

People I've Helped

Positive Reviews


Minutes of Video

I have learned sooo much from Kyle’s videos.They’ve been really helpful and the support is great too! Thank you!

Lisa T.

Washington, DC

His videos exceeded my expectations!

Tim W.

Charleston, WV

The videos are clear and easy to learn from. Big help!

John S.

Austin, TX

Superb course! I absolutely love the helpful content and now I feel more educated about using my smartphone! Decided to give this to my parents as well (ages 78 and 82)

Debra D.

Chicago, IL


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  • Access to over 90 video lessons!
  • Personal Access to Me!
  • Monthly Giveaways
  • Monthly Q&A Livestream
  • Free Android Smartphone Accessories for meeting membership milestones*
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I want to let you know that I really just want to help out as many people as possible here. If for any reason within 30 days of joining you feel you’re unable to learn android or it’s not what you expected, just shoot me an email or text and I’ll refund your money immediately. It isn’t going to be some long, difficult process like some big companies, I promise.


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* “Free Android Smartphone Accessories for meeting membership milestones” means that as a member you will get the option to receive several free android accessories based on how long you have been a member. Generally, these membership milestones are after your first three months of membership and then after each of the proceeding six months of membership (6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, etc). The giveaway pool varies between android chargers, phone cases, screen protectors, headphones, t-shirts / sweatshirts and other apparel.